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Wesley/Riker Mini Bang Author Sign-Ups
wesley/riker disturbinglynic
disturbinglynic wrote in wesleyriker
-Stories must be a minimum of 5,000 words. There is no max.
-This is a mini bang based on the characters so there will be no RPF.
-The story can be gen as long as the story focuses on these two characters. The story can even be het if you choose to genderbend one of the characters.
-Stories can't be friends locked.
-Stories can't be posted before your posting date.
-AU and crossover stories are allowed.
-Stories must be beta read.
-WIP's can be used as long as they haven't been posted anywhere and you add 5,000 new words on.
-Rough drafts should be at least 2,500 words when turned in.
-Authors can write more than one story.

Dates to remember:
Sign-ups close on September 30th
Rough drafts are due on December 3rd
Final drafts are due on February 25th
Posting begins on March 4th

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or thinky thoughts, then please PM either me (disturbinglynic) or meh_forget_it

Copy and past the following into a comment to sign-up!

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Username Cashay
E-mail cashay@livejournal.com

surprised to see me? xD

Nope. Still happy to see though :)

Username rainbowstrlght
E-mail gwenhwyfear@hotmail.com

BRING IT ON. I've got a Cheers AU just waiting on my desktop to be finished.

Woo! You've got plenty of time to write 5,000 words. You're gonna be awesome!

Username punk4life1315
E-mail hollander92@gmail.com

I thought about just being an artist for this round, but I think maybe my last one needs a sequel? :)

Sequels are good. I'm writing genderbent which is scary new territory for me. Should be awesome!

Are they both going to be genderbent?

Nope. There is a transporter malfunction, of course, and it changes Will. Temporarily. But Wesley gets to actually have sex with a female so...

Your fic sounds awesome!!

And I already reblogged it on my Will/Wes blog. :)

Thank you!
And I'm still laughing. Hilarious.

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