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Wesley/Riker Mini Bang Alpha, Beta and Cheerleader Sign-Ups
wesley/riker disturbinglynic
disturbinglynic wrote in wesleyriker
Beta readers
Stories are required to be beta read for this challenge, and some writers don't have access to their own. As a beta reader, you proofread the entire story. You check for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and that the story makes sense. You'll be checking for things that the writer may have been too caught up to notice, or may have missed during their own edit.

Alpha readers
Alpha readers are not required for this challenge. You'll be working with the author as they are working. You'll help with characterization, plot holes. You'll check backstory, offer suggestions, feedback, and let the author know when things don't make sense.

Cheerleaders are the awesome people that keep authors and artists going when writer's block hits, or when real life gets in the way. Sometimes, we wouldn't get any work finished if it wasn't for our cheerleaders.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or thinky thoughts, then please PM either me (disturbinglynic) or meh_forget_it

Copy and past the following into a comment to sign-up!

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Username webbedknees
E-mail webbedkneesfic (at) gmail.com
Which one you are signing up as. I would be happy to sign up as a beta reader or a cheerleader! :)

I can't promise a 24 hour turnaround for any beta work (so please don't send anything to me the day before you plan on posting if you want detailed feedback) but I should be able to return whatever you send within two days.

If it's a cheerleader you'd like, I can cheerfully and enthusiastically check in with you to keep you on track by PM or email!

Yay! Thanks for joining us!

Username solara1357

E-mail solara1007@gmail.com

Which one you are signing up as? All three.

I've very good with spelling, grammar, ect. I'm also very good at bugging people when I need to.

Username disturbinglynic
E-mail mccormnj@yahoo.com
Which one you are signing up as. Well I suck at grammar, so I can be an Alpha and a cheerleader!
In fact, if you need me and you have a twitter, feel free to send a tweet my way http://twitter.com/disturbinglynic I am more than happy to talk Wesley/Riker.
Just make sure I know who you are :)

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