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Wesley/Riker Mini Bang Artist Sign-Ups
wesley/riker disturbinglynic
disturbinglynic wrote in wesleyriker
-All art types are welcome.
-Minimum amount of icons would be 5.
-Art posts can't be locked.
-Art can't be posted before your posting date.
-Artists can only claim one story during the firsts round of claims. Another round will be opened after and anyone can claim.

Dates to remember:
Sign-ups close on January 9th
Claims post goes up January 11th
Final art is due on February 6th
Posting begins on February 13th

Don't sweat the deadlines and the rules guys. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or thinky thoughts, then please PM either me (disturbinglynic) or meh_forget_it

Copy and past the following into a comment to sign-up!

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I've seen! And that makes me happy! :D

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